Uniform Policy


All students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are required to wear their standard uniform every day except on sports days. The Summer Uniform is worn in Terms One and Four and the Winter Uniform is worn in Terms Two and Three.

For sport, the children have two polo shirts – one is the faction colour and the other is the gold polo shirt with the school logo. The gold shirt with the school crest should be worn when doing Physical Education with the Physical Education specialist. The faction colour polo shirt should be worn during the sport lesson with the classroom teacher.

  • Hat Styles: Bucket
  • Hairstyles: Girls and Boys hair, which is longer than collar length needs to be tied back. No extreme hair styles are permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, mohawks, part or complete head shaving, dyed hair, rats tails.
  • Jewellery: The only items of jewellery permitted are:
  • a wrist watch
  • one stud only in each ear lobe
  • a medi-alert bracelet / anaphylaxis badge (if required)
  • a necklace with religious significance, which may be worn under the clothing.
  • Please note that rings, bracelets, bangles and anklets are not permitted.
  • Make-up and nail varnish are not to be worn.


All items are available at the School Uniform Shop, other than shoes. Parents are asked to ensure that all items of clothing are clearly marked with the child’s name in full. No initials please.


Students at Queen of Apostles School should be encouraged to wear their school uniform with pride and to maintain a high standard of neatness and personal presentation. To maintain a whole school commitment to the correct wearing of our school uniform, students not in correct uniform are issued with a uniform infringement notice by their class teacher. Parents are requested to take prompt action in ensuring their child’s uniform requirements are met after receiving an infringement notice.


There may be times children may wear special sports shoes for particular sporting activities, however, these shoes should be brought to school and changed into. Normal school sports shoes should be worn to school on sport days.


Jewellery is not part of the school uniform and must not be worn. Children with pierced ears are to wear studs or sleepers only for safety reasons. No multiple piercings are allowed. Watches and simple chains with emblems of religious significance may be worn but the school takes no responsibility for their loss or damage. Nail polish is not allowed.


All shoulder length hair or longer must be tied up. Hair should be tied with either white, blue or gold matching school scrunchies, headbands, ribbons or elastic. Extreme hairstyles such as tails, spikes, mohawks, shaved heads or similar are not permitted. As Queen of Apostles School has a ‘NO SCHOOL HAT, NO PLAY POLICY’, children without a school hat are to stay on the bench under the verandah or undercover area during recess and lunchtime.


Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is open each Wednesday from 1:30pm to 3:30pm during school term time.

January 2023 School Holiday Opening Times below;

Monday 30th January  9.00am - 1.00pm

Download a copy of the Uniform Payment Form.